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Centered on Community, Collaboration, and Empowerment


International Culturally Responsive Workshops

Creating international culturally responsive workshops that foster an environment that is responsive to those who do not see themselves in the environment of traditional spaces or society. These workshops are designed with the audience in mind, to empower,inform,and provide life coaching to enhance the everyday life of the workshop participants.

Community Events and Healing Retreats

Facilitating community:

  • International Healing Retreats
  • Health & Wellness Events
  • Educational Workshops
  • Empowerment Conferences
  • Social Justice Projects
  • Community Literacy Initiatives

Motivational Speaking

Providing organizations, events teams, and/or individuals with motivational speaking services that embody event themes and foster inspirational atmospheres that inspires people to act and reflect on event themes.

Professional Development

Facilitating and creating research-based professional development workshops in the fields of:

  • Culturally Responsive Education
  • Social and Emotional Learning & Character Building
  • 21st Century Literacy Strategies
  • Project Based Learning
  • Parent Engagement